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Family members are the people we spent most of our time with. We all wish to have a pleasant environment after a long day of work or school. By asking “How Are You?” on a regular basis, we build better understanding and communication, stronger family ties, healthier living environments, and reduces the risk of youths going astray.


Friends are the likeminded people we meet in various stages of our lives. For some of us, some of our friends know us better than our family members. They are people close to us whom we trust, and we want ask them “How Are You ?” on a regular basis, to check on them and be there for them when they need us, or to share their joy, because we might the ones they feel most comfortable with.


Workplace is where we spend a third of our daily lives. We all want a politics-free and harmonious environment where we can actually enjoy ourselves and look forward to, besides simply working for the pay-cheque. 

By asking “How Are You?” on a regular basis, we will be able to build better understanding and communication with our colleagues. This improves decision-making, and helps us work more efficiently and effectively.